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Enrollment Steps

Step 1 Call us at 770-704-2763 or email us to make sure we are still accepting new patients

Step 2 Complete the membership agreement which is located here. Bring it to the office or email it us to.

Step 3 We will send you an email link to finalize the enrollment online. This will ask your health history, current medications, etc.

Step 4 Provide a credit card during online enrollment or call our office to provide another method of payment.

Step 5 You will be charged the enrollment fee(s).

Step 6 Schedule your initial consult with Dr. Neely.

Step 7 Depending on the day you enrolled and when we schedule your initial consult we will decide on a start date for your membership.

Step 8 Make sure you receive the communication guide from us, letting you know how to communicate with Dr. Neely and her staff.

We have a maximum number of patients that can enroll in our DPC model. Please call or email us before completing the membership agreement to make sure we are still accepting new patients.

Remember your first appointment will be an initial consult where Dr. Neely meets you and discusses your current healthcare needs.