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Harmony Family Medicine Announces Change

Dr. Neely is excited to announce that Harmony Family Medicine is joining a movement that's rejuvenating the foundation of the doctor-patient relationship through affordable, transparent, personalized care. Direct Primary Care is healthcare, simplified. Please review the following information to get a better understanding of how a Direct Primary Care model practice works:

It is important to note that we are not simply adding a membership fee on top of the current practice structure. Our transition to this model represents a fundamental change in how the office will operate to serve you better.
  • Direct access to Dr. Neely
  • Reduced patient counts so you can get same day appointments when you need them.
  • Minimal to no wait appointments.
  • Virtual visits via email or phone.
  • Prescription dispensing in the office of common medications at discounted rates.
  • Negotiated rates with other providers, imaging centers, and more.
  • Educational classes and events.

Why the change?

We realize that this may not be the perfect model for every patient. What we are trying to accomplish with this change is to create a system that allows Dr. Neely to practice medicine the way she believes it should be practiced - that is by spending time with and listening to her patients. We will combine that basic philosophy of care with group classes/events that promote a healthy lifestyle and the realization that alternative medicines have their place alongside traditional medicine. The current model does not allow for this. Yes insurance companies are a large problem in that system. They continue to provide lower reimbursements while demanding doctors do more and more work for free - prior approvals for prescriptions, meaningful use of computer systems and more. None of that extra work actually improves patient health. Government regulations are always increasing the cost of business. Unfortunately it is the solo Doctor that carries the most burden by these regulations. And then unfortunately there are patients who refuse to pay their balances that contribute to the issue. If we continue with the current model, Dr. Neely will be forced to stop practicing medicine. She is not ready to give up on her passion to serve others. Please try to attend one of the Town Hall meetings to see more details on the many benefits of a Direct Primary Care model.