2021 Membership Notes

2021 is fast approaching but not soon enough for many of us! I wanted to send out a note with a few topics of interest for those already making plans for 2021.


Going into 2021 I will keep the same monthly/annual rates: $72/$792 for adults and $21/$231 for kids. Remember you can always pay for a year in advance to get a discount –  you pay for 11 months up front and get the 12th month free. That also locks you into the current rate for the whole year.

I will be increasing the enrollment fee for NEW enrollments starting January 1st to $125. But this will not impact you since you are already a member.

You can always view our current fees here.

Selecting a complementary Health Plan

It is also that time of year when a lot of people select their health plans for next year. Please remember to NOT select a closed network like Kaiser, any EPO and some HMOs. If you select a Kaiser or an EPO plan they will not cover anything outside of their closed network. This includes any referrals or prescriptions we do for you. If you select an HMO make sure it is an Open Access HMO.

We recommend you select a Med-share plan, an open access POS plan or even a PPO plan. Each plan is different and you have to look at your particular situation to determine which one is best for you.

Using HSA dollars for your membership

A lot has happened over the past year related to using your HSA dollars to pay for your membership. But as of right now the IRS has not issued final guidelines on this. I hope that in 2021 we will see that happen and you will be able to start using your HSA dollars for your membership fees. Remember you always have been able to use HSA dollars to pay for prescriptions, labs and procedures we do.

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