July 2021 – Office Update

Unfortunately this email update brings some unwelcome staffing news to our Harmony Family.

Our nurse Patricia has been blessed with the opportunity to stay at home with her two boys as a stay at home mom.  We will be saying goodbye on July 23rd.  We wish her all the best and hope to see her often when she is in the area. 

Since our practice is such a small one, this will necessitate some significant changes until we can find someone to fill her position.  Lainie and myself (as well as my behind the scenes support husband) will do all we can to keep things running smoothly while we search for the right person to add to the family.

The biggest change will be with lab draws. We will need you to get labs drawn at a Quest service center instead of here at the office.  The way you pay for labs will not change - they will still be billed to our office.  During this time we will waive the external phlebotomy fee that is normally charged when you go to a service center.  The procedure will be: we will send an email to you with the lab order attached, you will make an appointment with Quest and go to the service center to have the blood drawn. The results will come to me the same as usual.  

We will cover everything else the best we can in the office - we just ask for your patience as we spread out responsibilities among ourselves.  It may take a little longer for phone calls and emails to get answered but we’ll get to everyone.  

We will fill her position as soon as we can, but our main objective is finding the right person.  We need someone who is going to fit perfectly into our little family and who will care for all of you as much as I do.  

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July 2021 – Office Update