Temporary Lab Procedures

While we are short a nurse, we will not be doing lab work in house. Instead we ask that you go to the Quest Service Center to have your lab work done. The following is how this procedure will work and hopefully will answer some of your questions.

  • About two weeks prior to your appointment we will email you a Lab Order.
  • Click this link to locate the closest Quest Service center and make an appointment.
  • Go to Quest, show them your order and have your labs drawn.


Will I be charged a external lab fee for going to Quest? No. While we are not doing in house lab work we are waiving the external phlebotomy fee that Quest charges us.

Do I get the same rates as in-house labs? Yes. Quest charges us the same rates plus a charge to do the phlebotomy. We are waiving the draw fee. You will be charged the same rates.

Can I use Labcorp? Labcorp will accept the order BUT we do not have negotiated rates with them. You will be responsible for ALL charges. You can use your insurance but the order does not have diagnosis codes on it which are required for billing insurance. If you want to use Labcorp you will need to contact us prior to your lab appointment so we can get you a new order. We will also need your insurance information.

Quest asked for my insurance card? Tell them this is client billed (which means it is billed to the provider) and they don't need your insurance card.

Can I use my insurance at Quest? You can but you will not get our negotiated low rates. You will need to contact us prior to your lab appointment so we can get you a full order which contains your insurance information and diagnosis codes.

Why is there a charge for labs on my invoice but I haven't gone to the lab yet? Our system charges you for the labs when we enter the order. If for some reason you never get the labs drawn we will remove the charge.

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