Clinic Update #2 on Covid-19

Hi Harmony Family! It’s me again 🙂 It’s hard to keep on top of this ever changing threat from COVID-19 but I’m trying. 

I wanted to give you all a brief update and inform you of some more changes that we are implementing in our practice. 

As of today we are essentially not seeing anyone in the office except for urgent needs. 

  • If you have a scheduled appointment for visits or labs, we will be contacting you. 
  • I will utilize telemedicine and do routine visits via telephone or video if possible, we can send copies of your labs beforehand so you can review with me. 
  • If you need me or feel like you need to be seen urgently, please call, email or text and we will decide the best way to facilitate treatment that will keep you and us safe. 
  • If you need to pick up supplements or prescriptions, for now we will remain open for this, however we request that you call first and we will run the medicine out to your car OR we can mail them to you. 

IF YOU HAVE SYMPTOMS (cough, fever, shortness of breath or anything concerning to you) AND think you have possibly been exposed to someone with the virus, please call me to discuss whether you need to be tested. I am not able to do testing at the office yet due to lack of supplies (they are not available from our lab). However, if you meet the criteria to be tested, I can put in a request through the health department to get you scheduled at a drive through testing site.

There is a lot of information out there and I know it is scary and confusing. Here are a few sites that I trust to have accurate information. Of course you are welcome to contact me with specific questions that may pertain your personal health situation.

Let’s keep our families and community safe by staying home as much as possible, washing hands and protecting those most vulnerable. 

Dr. Neely


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